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My name is Ramiro Gomez Jr. I live and work as a male nanny in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Laurel Canyon area of the Hollywood Hills. Happy Hills is my body of work documenting the predominantly Hispanic workforce who work tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain the beautiful imagery of these affluent areas.

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  1. Mr Gomez, thank you! I saw into your work again and again and it's brilliant every time.

    Happy Hills - what a great name... I used to live in one of those places (Laurel Canyon). Now I live in an area called Happy Valley (in Lincoln Heights), the perfect counterpart for that. it's where the workers come home - the days are quiet (give or take a rooster) and it's the evenings and weekends when you hear the weedwackers.

    There's so much to this story, of the invisible worker - the perfect landscape they create, and the poor, dry yards and falling apart houses they go back to in the evening.